Advanced Resource Management in Primavera P6 Client | Course Outline


Advanced Resource Management in Primavera P6 Client

This course provides in-depth resource management training in Primavera P6. The course covers advanced topics in managing resource allocation, future-period bucket planning, and resource leveling. Extended case studies at the end of each day provide an opportunity to apply new skills and functionality. You will first assign resources and analyze their allocation. At the end of this course, you will apply what you have learned to resolve resource over-allocation.

Duration: 1 Days Prerequisites: Managing Projects in Primavera P6 Client

Course Topics

Creating Resources and Roles

Describe resources and roles

Describe resource security

View the Resources window

Create a resource via New Resource wizard

View Resource Details

Assign resource codes

Define resource rates

Create a role

Add information in Roles dialog box

Assigning Cost Accounts

Assign cost accounts to resource assignments

Assign cost accounts to expenses

Resource and Role Analysis

Analyze resource usage, Usage Profile

Analyze resource usage, Usage Spreadsheet

Compare staffed vs. unstaffed role allocation

Resource Assignments Window

Assign resource lag and duration

View and assign resource curves

Manual Resource Allocation

Understand advanced scheduling options

Calculate multiple float paths

Understand the scheduling logic options

Describe a calendar’s effect on lag

Assign resource lag and duration

View and assign resource curves

Bucket Planning

View future period bucket planning

Edit future period buckets resource assignments

Track manual curves in the project

Leveling Resources

Define resource leveling

Set resource leveling options

Level a project to resolve resource conflicts

Analyze the effects of resource leveling

Level based on activity and project priorities

Storing Period Performance

Display financial periods as columns

Store past period performance

Resource Reporting

Describe reporting methods

Run a resource report

Create a resource report with the Report Wizard

Create a report using the current layout


Case Study 1: Assigning & Analyzing Resources

Case Study 2: Resolving Resource Over-allocation