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Advanced Project Management in Primavera P6 Client | Course Outline


Advanced Project Management in Primavera P6 Client

This course builds off skills learned in the P6 basic course, exploring more in-depth topics in P6 Project Management. Topics include codes, user defined fields, global change, earned value analysis, duration types, importing and exporting project data, and percent complete types.

Duration: 2 Days Prerequisites: Managing Projects in Primavera P6 Client

Course Topics

Assigning Codes

Describe project codes

Describe resource codes

Describe activity codes Assign codes

User Defined Fields

Describe user defined fields

Create user defined fields

Display user defined fields

Global Change

Describe global change

Define global change parameters

Execute a global change


Create a portfolio

Add projects to a portfolio

Open a project via portfolios

Scheduling Options

Understand advanced scheduling options

Calculate multiple float paths

Understand the scheduling logic options

Describe a calendar’s effect on lag

Importing and Exporting Data

Export a project using the Export Wizard

Import a project using the Import Wizard

Duration Types

Describe the different duration types

Assign a duration type to an activity

Calculating Percent Complete

Describe the percent complete types

Identify differences between types

Determine usage based on organization’s needs

Earned Value Analysis

Define and understand earned value

Describe the differences in earned value techniques

Understand the benefits of earned value analysis

Activity Usage Profile and Spreadsheet

Display resource units in the Activity Usage Profile

Display cost in the Activity Usage Spreadsheet

Auto Compute Actuals

Understand auto compute actuals functionality

Describe the business rules for auto compute actuals

Auto compute activities, resource data, and expenses

Reflection Projects

Create a reflection project

Merge reflection project to the source project

Advanced Baselines & Schedule Comparison

Review and utilize the additional Baseline options 

Run the Schedule Comparison tool