Administration in Primavera P6 Enterprise | Course Outline


Administration in Primavera P6 Enterprise

Learn to use Primavera P6 to complete a wide variety of administrative functions, including how to create users who will access the application and assign their security privileges. Additionally, you will learn how to create enterprise data such as project codes, cost accounts, and financial periods. The course also covers administration topics in P6 Web Access, including User Interface views and calculated user- defined fields. 

Note: This course covers the Administrative functions in both the Client and Web version.

Duration: 1 Day Prerequisites: Managing Projects in Primavera P6 (Recommended but not Mandatory)

Course Topics

Creating Calendars

Define worktime and non-worktime

Global, Project, and Resource calendars

Create a new project calendar

Defining Project Codes

Create values for project codes

Assign weights to codes and code values

Designate a secure code

Assign project code values

Defining Resource Codes

Create values for resource codes

Assign resource code values

Defining Activity Codes

Create values for activity codes

Designate a secure code

Assign activity code values

User Access

Describe the process for establishing security

Define OBS hierarchy

Create OBS hierarchy

Establish security profiles for global & project data

Create a new user with access privileges

Summarizing Project Data & Run Job Services

View summarizer details

Manually summarize data

Define job service options

Automatically summarize data using a job service

User-Defined Fields and Global Change

Establish user-defined fields

Define global change parameters

Execute a global change

Financial Periods

Create financial periods

Display financial periods as columns

Store past period performance

Defining Cost Accounts

View the cost accounts dictionary

Assign cost accounts to activities

Assign cost accounts to expenses

Web Administration

Manage User Interface views

Create a calculated user-defined field

Create issue codes

Create an issue form