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Tried and true methodology assures you a solid system right from the start. You can be confident that our methodology is refined down to a science. We have a long list of client success stories to prove it. We’ve adapted it over the years to accommodate our clients’ needs and changing business environments. Keep in mind that our methodology is simply a foundation for how we approach our services. Most of the project management implementations we conduct are customized solutions, grounded in our methodology, yet tailored to the needs of each client. 

Plan. We start by getting a firm understanding of your expectations and success criteria. We help you define a measurable baseline and identify assumptions and constraints, while also assessing the members of your project team and ours. 

Design. We design application structure, review/revise processes, create/document process flow, design data security, and backup procedures. We also begin training your core team and testing the designed solution in accordance with an acceptance test procedure that you approve.

Enable. Your internal team works with us to build in-house expertise on your new solution. We provide standard certified training or customized training incorporating processes with the product basics. We also validate the design in production mode, mentor key personnel, and evaluate the resulting system.

Support. We mentor on process and product to ensure your return on investment.  We continue our working relationship with you to provide technical assistance with product upgrades, revisions for database structures or processes, integration support between your new system and your existing systems, and additional customized training.

Get maximum return on investment with Release Management. Our professional services are always scalable to accommodate your needs and your budget, allowing you to realize the full potential of your project management investment without overspending. Our Release Management approach enables you to fit your project management dollars to your most immediate needs. Still a completely thorough implementation that’s based on our methodology, this approach installs one phase of your system at a time as your budget allows, adding further levels of functionality with each subsequent release. Many of our previous clients have found this approach to afford them a fully functional and scalable project management or project control system with a very modest budget.

We’re all about knowledge transfer. Our ultimate goal is to fully equip, enable and train your staff as quickly and efficiently as possible with everything needed to manage projects successfully on their own, without the continual use and expense of outsourced professional services. However, if desired, our consultants can provide mentoring support and staff augmentation on a long-term basis so you can maintain consistency and confirm that your entire staff retains complete understanding of your project management system. We work within your requirements to implement a system that works for you, and we provide the level of service that’s certain to maximize your project knowledge and ensure lucrative project success.